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Business Licensing

In accordance with The Municipal Act, a municipality may either charge a business tax or license to any business facilities within the municipality.

By-Law #787/96 governs and regulates business activities and its requirements for the issuance of business licenses within the Town of Snow Lake.  Section 3(a) of this by-law states: No person shall carry on any of the businesses as a Salesman, Tradesman, or Transient Trader without having a license from the Town to do so, nor shall any business for which a license has been issued be carried on after such license has lapsed or been cancelled, unless and until a new license is issued therefor.

The Town of Snow Lake is in the process of confirming that all businesses carry the required licensing as set out by the by-law. A business license carries an annual fee and is active for twelve consecutive months from the date of application.

If you are an active business with no license, please contact the Town of Snow Lake to fill out an application and obtain your license.