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Special Interests

Snow Lake Art Gallery

Snow Lake is home to a large artistic community. Past artists who resided here, and have their artwork displayed and sold in the Gallery, include Audrey Casey and Emily Crosby. 
Manitoba Star Attraction Snow Lake Mining Museum

Snow Lake Mining Museum is a world class mining museum complete with equipment of all types that was used in mines in the area. An excellent tour describes the daily life of an underground miner including the dangers, ingenuity needed, and the sheer hard work. Displays of photos and various types of drilling cores and ore samples are very interesting. You can see zinc, gold and other minerals as they appear naturally in the area surrounding Snow Lake.

Snow Lake Murals

Enjoy Snow Lake's indoor and outdoor murals that represent the unique mining history, culture and nature of the area. The murals were painted by local artists who volunteered their time and expertise. Of special interest is the Heritage Mural painted by artist Cindy Santa for the 60th Anniversary. It hangs in the Lawrie Marsh Community Hall.

Miner's Memorial

The memorial was erected in memory of the miners who lost their living in mining accidents. There is an annual ceremony to honour the fallen workers. It is located on Poplar Avenue beside the Time Capsule.

Snow Lake Time Capsule

The Time Capsule was erected to celebrate Snow Lake's 50th Anniversary in 1997, and will be opened in 2047. It is located on Poplar Avenue beside the Miner's Memorial.