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Hunting & Fishing


The pristine waters of Snow Lake and the numerous surrounding lakes offer the angler the opportunity to catch Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike (Jack), Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout and numerous other miscellaneous species.

There are six major road accessible master angler lakes in the Snow Lake area including Snow Lake, Wekusko Lake, Herblett Lake, Corman’s Lake, Tramping Lake, and Osborne Lake, as well as the Grass River. Nine more major lakes are accessible by trails including Niblock Lake, Vikers Lake, Loonhead Lake, Corley Lake, Morton Lake, File Lake, Dolomite Lake, Buzz Lake and Dyce Lake. In addition, six more major lakes are accessible via winter roads which include such lakes as Squall Lake, Mcleod Lake, Cook Lake, Ham Lake, Woosey Lake and Morgan Lake. There is also a huge number of smaller lakes, some of which may not have been named yet, which one may fish.

A license is required in order to fish on any of the above waters. Check your conservation license to see the number of the various fish you are entitled to possess at any one time. It is important to note that High Quality Management lakes exist in the Snow Lake area and that the Angling Guide available from any Conservation office should be consulted regarding all fishing regulations on any waters in the area.   The season is officially closed for part of May during spawning to permit the fish to replenish their numbers. Check with Conservation or your Angler's Guide to find out the dates. It is important to note that all fishing in Manitoba is now "barbless”. For complete information consult the 2016 Angler's Guide or call (800) 214-6497. 

Please check with the local Conservation office, 506 Lakeshore Drive, Snow Lake, at (204) 358-2521 to ensure you have the most recent information.


Moose, Black Bear, Rabbits, Grey Timber Wolves, game birds, migratory birds, waterfowl, and various rodents may all be hunted in the Snow Lake area. Archers may also hunt big game animals in this region. 

For Manitoba regulations click on Hunter's Guide

Hunting packages, accommodations and guides may be solicited through one of the following lodges/outfitters in the Snow Lake area:

Burntwood Lodge

Fly in fishing and out camps with the main lodge located on Burntwood Lake. 24 cabins that can accommodate 6 - 8 guests with all the bedding and linens supplied. The Burntwood Lodge is the only accommodation on the whole lake. The lake itself is 35 miles long with many bays, islands and rivers. The water is never rough enough to make one lose valuable fishing time. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Tawow Lodge Ltd.

The Tawow Lodge is located at Herb Lake Landing, five kilometers north of PTH #39, on the south end of Wekusko Lake. The lodge is licensed to accommodate 28 guests. Fish for Walleye, Northern Pike, Sauger, Perch and Whitefish. Accessible by road. Out camp at Woosey Lake accommodates 6 persons. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Wekusko Falls Lodge

The Wekusko Falls Lodge is situated on the Grass River system midway between Tramping Lake and Wekusko Lake, ten minutes drive south of the Town of Snow Lake on Highway #392. All cabins overlook the Grass River and Wekusko Falls. The Lodge has 6 - 2 bedroom cabins that can accommodate 8 people each. These cabins all have full bathrooms with showers, electric stoves and refrigerator. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

Ice Fishing

The pristine waters of Snow Lake’s numerous lakes offer the angler the opportunity to catch Walleye, Jack, Lake and Rainbow Trout, and numerous other species. Fishing may occur during any time of the year that the ice is safe enough to bear one’s weight, usually this will start in the month of December and terminate in early April.
The same rules and regulations apply to ice fishing as to boat oriented fishing. Shacks and shelters may be used but must be removed prior to spring break-up.